Many parts of this web site are unfinished because it was slapped together in a flurry of dream flakes. Hopefully we can organize these dream flakes into a coherent igloo (with wood stove) where we can warm the imagination, increase meaning and open doors currently either invisible or locked.

Eventually want to put more music up on this page - music for a more close up look, sometimes not so spit shined, or maybe more fragile, less focused - or even unfinished music. As artists, we love all phases of music and have enjoyed getting these 'close ups' of other musicians. Does this interest you?


Hope to create a blog AND to post some of the writings we've done/are doing. If any of this interests you, let us know by sending a message from the Contact page here or an email if you already know our email address. Hopefully all this is coming soon. Hopefully. There's tons of stuff..., but finding time, organizing and posting are another story!!!