The Blueberry Rebellion was born in an outbuilding on a remote organic blueberry farm on an island off the west coast of Canada. We are 'in the dirt' farmers; real farmers, not white-gloved land barons. In summer our tongues, teeth and t-shirts are stained blue.

As young dreamers we dreamed of having a farm. By ’03, that dream, mixed with visions of Canadian utopia, became an obsession, so we hightailed it to the irrational kindness of Canada - and the very sensible organic blueberries.  

We are close to becoming angels ourselves, with ideas, dreams and visions exploding more than ever. One cruel myth we’d really love to destroy is that life ends at 40, 50, 70. Truth is, like guitars and wine, it gets WAY better. Experience actually enhances us. Creativity has no expiration date! If we can destroy the myths that diminish us, the rebellion has succeeded.

Then all heaven breaks loose! :)

Invited to play at the first Woodstock, performing with The Ramones, writing celebrated songs for NPR, auditioning for the Grateful Dead, jamming with the Delta Blues founders (angels now) of what became Rock and Roll, recording Miles Davis (angel), getting flowers / a poem from John (angel) and Yoko - stories without end. At least not yet.